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Metal Powder

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Metal Powder

We are able to supply various metal powder, such as --- Copper powder (Cu), Cobalt powder(Co), Nickel powder(Ni), Nickel alloy powder, Stannum powder(Tin), Bronze powder(Br), Iron powder (Fe), Wolfram powder (W), Tungsten carbide alloy(WC), zinc powder(Zn), Silver powder (Ag), Titanium powder (Ti), Chromium (Cr), Load powder (drop-sheped powder), Pre- alloy backing powder. other metal and alloy powder. size -200 to -400 - 1000mesh, which are suitable for powder metal lurgial products, diamond tool,hard alloy,magnetic mat- erial, high-temrperature and high-pressure alloy, etc. According to different requirements, we have lto S-kilogram double layer vacuum aluminum foil inner packages and 20 to 40 kilogram iron barrel outer packages,Special packages cater to specfic needs are also available.

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    Cobalt powder       Tin Powder

Cobalt powder


Tin Powder

    Bronze Powder       Copper Powder

Bronze Powder


Copper Powder

    Iron Powder       Tungsten Powder

Iron Powder


Tungsten Powder

    Titanium Powder    

Titanium Powder