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IGBT Contra-variant Intermediate Frequency Inductive Power

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IGBT Contra-variant Intermediate Frequency Inductive Power

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IGBT contra-variant intermediate frequency inductive heat power suply is a new generation of product as the result of full exertion of our advantage of energy conversion.The prominent virtue is energy saving,total energy converting ratio is up to 85%(for common furnace,90% for special furnace), the inductor's adpatability is strong for different furnaces.The comparson between function and price is the best.



1.Simple operation,need not special start circuit guarantee 100% start success, output power adjust consecutively(5%-rating power).
2.High power adjust range boe less than 0.9.
3.High reliability,MTBF more than 8000H(the old silicon controlled one only could be several hunderd H).
4.Compact bulk and light weight,the bulk is only the 1/3-1/2 of old equipment.
5.Capacitor built-in,special made high capacitors is amounted in the cabinet.
6.The intermediate frequency use super microcrystalline alloy with small and high efficiency.
7.No water need,except the furnace body,the unit applies fans cooling in the cabinet.(250KW above are water cooling)

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